Waterloo specific advice

Using Waterloo Works

  • put "education" at the bottom of your resume, since everyone's resume will say Waterloo
  • disregard most of what PD1 says about resumes, it's not relevant to the tech industry. check out my page on resume stuff instead (and ask around to other technical people too!)
  • unless you have experience in the industry you should probably apply to 50+ jobs. I mean it. I know people that applied to 50 and got fewer than 5 interviews (or none at all) — very common for first year. Take all the opportunities you can get.
  • getting no interviews sucks, but... so does getting too many. It's very overwhelming to have several interviews a week while also having assignments and midterms. It's really hard to judge how many interviews you'll get, but keep this in mind too when you're applying.
  • the best interview slots (or so I've heard) are 2nd (once they get their shit together, but before they get too bored) and right after lunch
  • the worst slot is at the end of the day - interviewing 10+ people is really tiring
  • watch your email frequently so you can pick good interview slots as soon as you're selected
  • you can find jobs outside of Waterloo Works, but if you get an offer make sure you tell CECA about it before ranking!! or else CECA will get pretty mad and might kick you out of Waterloo Works for a term

Finding jobs outside of Waterloo Works

  • make sure they sponsor visas if they're outside Canada
  • the Waterloo name will help you - make sure you put that front in center in trying to connect with recruiters and stuff
  • some companies will hire outside of the summer time - summer is when most jobs are, but a lot of companies plan to hire in other terms or will be open to hire if you ask!