Keeping track of applications

This is nerd-me's favourite part!

I like to keep track of where I've applied to in a spreadsheet. It looks like this:

For each company I put:

  • company name
  • where they're located
  • their size
  • if they can sponsor visas (important for US companies, since I'm Canadian and can't work there if they don't sponsor J1)
  • My contact and how I got it - in case I want to reach out in the future and forget who I was talking to
  • Last thing that happened (applied? talked to recruiter? had an interview?)
  • Date of last contact - this is important because if it's been a week since I've heard from them and I expectd to hear back soon, I want to follow up
  • Next steps - what I or they are going to be doing next
  • Notes - for various other things I want to remember

Then each row is colour coded with one of the following colours:

  • plan to apply
  • applied (application sent)
  • chatting / interviewing
  • offer
  • rejected

And that's how I keep track of all my applications and don't let things fall through the cracks!

Cause if there's one thing I've learned it's that recruiters are often quite okay with letting you fall through the cracks, as long as in the end they hire as many interns as they wanted to.