Question: in terms of meetings how do you usually find those go? do companys like it when interns talk in those? (bc I feel like there's that difference between actively listening and being curious, but also they kinda just want to present their info and be done)


Definitely depends. If it's meant to be quick and short, you should write down questions and ask people afterwards and they can respond when they have time (or in person if they're free you can approach and ask) if they ask you what you think, go for it.

If other people are discussing something for a while and you have an opinion definitely go for it too. Just get a sense of how much other people are talking and match that. If it's a long conversation definitely ask questions otherwise it's like a huge waste of your time (in my opinion at least)

You could also ask going into a meeting what your role is - if they invited you so you could listen, or if they want you to be adding to the discussion.

You'll probably have weekly or daily meetings where you say what you're working on that day/week and you'll definitely talk in those.