Playing the Internship Game

Content created by Evy Kassirer and Rudi Chen

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A note from Evy: The rules, tips, and tricks I've learned on how to approach tech internships

I've collected this pile of advice thanks to many folks with more experience than me, or who came up with cool ideas I might not have thought of. These things give me an advantage and I think it's unfair that others shouldn't have that same advantage if they're motivated enough to look for advice and just don't know the same people I do. So I'm putting as much as I can remember here, and hoping that if you read this and it helps you, that you will pass this knowledge on to help others too.

This is just advice, a collection of things people have said that I've found helpful. It might not actually be the best advice, and it might not work for you. My best advice is to think critically about all the advice you get, and only do things when you have a good idea of why it might help you and think it's your best option.

I also want to note that just because I've learned that something is the most effective thing to do to get a job doesn't mean I think should be - the interview processes many companies use aren't necessarily fair or effective for evaluating how good of an employee you'd be. That's why this is a game. They create the game and you learn to play it well, and that's how you get jobs. It sucks, but I figured you should at least know how to play it well too.

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